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We offer core exchange options for many of our packages

This method allows for you to exchange your old core for our rebuilt package engine at the reduced advertised Starting Price shown in any listing.


Core Exchange

When you choose a Long Block Package, it will have a starting price, plus any upgrades you might want to add, that price is to either rebuild your engine, or, to do a good core exchange if your engine passes inspection as a good rebuildable core. If there is damage to your core then a fee would be assessed according to the amount of damage we find to your engine once we receive it. For Example, if you have just a bad crank we will deduct $300 to replace your bad crank. If you need new OEM timing installed that would be $1,000 more. Refundable core charge starts at $2,500 for any Single AVCS engine for now, as supply and demand increases that core charge and or other parts may increase. To and from Shipping is extra. Usually around $720 which includes packaging in most lower 48 States, price can vary during time of quote. There is no International shipping available for long blocks at the moment, we can however ship out heads, blocks, or other parts separately around the world. Please contact us with any questions and latest pricing.

To and From Shipping

On deciding whether to choose to and from shipping with us in order to take part in our to and from shipping program, you may do so within a one week time frame once your invoice is made. When you select to and from shipping it will include packaging, a pallet and return ratchet straps to allow you to place your old core back in the box for inspection, keep in mind shipping damage is a huge possibility these days so we recommend to take pictures of how you are packaging up your old core and make it as bullet proof as possible for safe shipment, for more info on our Shipping policies view our "Online Store Policies".


Once your package is ready for pick, email us and we will contact the shipping company for you and make arrangements to have your package picked up.

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