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$5,000 to rebuild your engine into a Stage 1 package or; to do a good rebuidlable core exchange (customer core will be inspected and evaluated for damages for a final price break down.) Affirm financing does not cover any add ons, or core refunds, or any core damage fees.


(Every package is a custom build to order build in order to ensure the exact attention to each build)

Specify which year and model


$1,500 Price shown  above is for the security deposit also called "Down Payment" Which goes towards build

Security Deposit starts at $500 may change according to purchase amount (goes towards build) *** NOTE, the security deposit with or without upgrades is NON-REFUNDABLE due to us ordering the parts, getting started with labor and choosing cores to work on to ensure the fastest lead time. Call us for any questions. 


OUT THE DOOR PRICE AS FOLLOWS (Note this includes the core fee, look below for info on doing a core exchange)

FA20 NON DIT (BRZ/FRS) 2013+

Price $8,000


FA20DIT (WRX) 2015+

Price is $8,000

*These are outright Prices, please see our core exchange policy or call us or email us for more info


Each custom build goes through our 3rd generation process of engineering  and attention to detail with meticulous cleaning, inspecting, machining and assembling all in-house.


*Parts and prices may change due to supply and demand, call for the latest pricing.

  • Stage 1 package comes with:
  • Forged Race Pistons
  • Forged Race Connecting rods
  • Race Rod bearings
  • Race Main bearings
  • OEM Crank
  • ARP or Custom Race head studs
  • OEM Genuine Head gaskets
  • GCH Stage 1 built heads with:

-Fully dissembled
-Fully inspected
-Fully Machined
-Fully CBN Decked to no more than .003" Equally both heads
-Mulit-Angle Valve Job
-New High Performance Valve stem seals Viton
-New High Performance Single valve springs
-New High Performance Titanium retainers
-Cams set and lash performed to our specs
  Assembled to the long block.



*Bad crank core charge may be applied if we have to replace the crank upon inspection.



ADD New OEM Timing with new cam gears installed and timed for $1,850 more


*Core exchange option available. In order to use this option we would have to charge a *refundable core deposit before we ship *Ask for details


Core exchange option: for this Stage 1 Package with the return of your old, rebuildable core. Your core deposit is refundable after we receive the core and inspect it for damages within 30 days. Any damage found to your old core will be deducted from the core deposit according to damage we find. Customer must pay for core shipping. Call us for any questions about core exchanges.

*Bad crank core charge may be applied if we have to replace the crank upon inspection.



*If you would like to send us your old core you may through our Core Return Shipping Method, and be eligible for a core return refundable deposit. You must contact us the same week the order is placed to implent this program, or else core charge will be use to purchase another engine to keep our production going.


*Credit/Debit card accepted for non-refundable deposit *A bank transfer may apply. We will contact you for payment arrangements via wire transfer and/or bank deposit only.



Please see our Store Policies and FAQ's before making any purchase.




In-house machine, clean, inspecting and assembling.


Casting and year blocks subject to availability.


Prices may change due to part fluctuation depending on time of order.


Get started by calling us at 1-877-GCH-SUBI (1-877-424-7824)


Or message here or email us at


Looking to finance through Affirm? Follow this link to get started.


*Give us a call at 1-877-GCH-SUBI (1-877-424-7824) for orders or questions and information about shipping and more.  Please see our Store Policies and FAQ's before making any purchase.