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All New Stage 1 Long Block output rating 620+hp

  • Limited time upgrade! Free upgrade to I-Beam Forged rods!!

  • New Parts, Head and Block Castings, bolts, seals, gaskets etc

  • All Years, Models for the EJ platform available

  • (USDM) 2004-2021 Subaru STi EJ257,B All Years and castings 2004-2014

  • Subaru WRX, EJ255 some Legacy GT'S and some Forester XT

  • 2002-2004 Subaru EJ205 USDM

  • Comes with a 1-Year Workmanship assistance

  • Blue Printed We have seen our customers push over 620 HP with these Stage 1 Builds

  • PRICE IS $9,199 for the new long block *before timing, and shipping.

  • To add all new OEM timing components and new AVCS gears is $1,400 timed (For Single AVCS Engines)

  • Add $1,700 For Dual AVCS

  • One way freight shipping is usually $410 in most lower 48 States and locations.

Call or message for a free quote OUTRIGHT PRICE, NO CORE NEEDED!! Please note, this engine like any of our custom built packages are built to order basis, which requires us to send you a custom invoice where you can get started.


New Engine Build:


  • -New Head Castings.
    -Completely New case halves,
    -New Bolts, Hardware and all parts involved

    Thoroughly inspected, multi-step deep clean internally,
    assembled with new "soft" parts in-house

    *Parts may be subject to change to equal or better
    -Manley Forged Pistons 2618 alloy - New (Qty. 4) *Other brands available 
    -Wall pins - New (Qty. 4)
    -Premium Piston Rings - New (1 Set)
    -Forged I-Beam GCH Spec STEEL CONNECTING RODS with ARP2000 rod bolts - New (1 Set) Limited time free upgrade
    Race Rod Bearings ACL- New (1 Set)
    Race Main Bearings ACL- New (1 Set)
    11mm. Race Head studs Installed
    OEM Forged Crank - New Black Nitrated (1)

    OEM MLS Head Gaskets

    Subaru Heads full service valve job - (QTY. 2 Heads)

    -Complete new heads and parts
    Deep cleaning and full inspection and setting to Spec
    -Install new High performance valve stem seals
    -Install New BC High Rev Performance Valve train, springs and Steel retainers, OEM keepers- (QTY. 32 Pieces)
    -New Black Nitrated Intake and Exhaust Valves
    -Install cams New OEM Cams
    -Perform Bucket and valve Lash on both heads (Qty. 2 heads 16 valves)
  • No shipping or timing or any add on, upgrade options added to this order. Refer to our Store Policies for any questions about your purchase.



*Add Forged I-Beam rods for only $400 More!

We do all EJ engines

-SHIPPING: Depending on your location, shipping can take 1-2 weeks. The tracking number will be provided upon request.


Please see our Store Policies and FAQ's before making any purchase. 


WWW.GCHLONGBLOCKRACING.COM Get started by calling us at 1-877-GCH-SUBI (1-877-424-7824) Or message us here or email us at: INFO@GCHLONGBLOCKRACING.COM

New Subaru Stage 1 Long Block 620HP

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